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  • 委托-Lambda 表达式2022-09-14 17:34:02

    // 左边传参写法 // 无参写法 () => { print("C"); // 两个参数写法 (a, b) =>{print(a); print(b);} // 一个参数写法 s => { string str = s + "|" + s; print(str); }; 或: (s) => { string str = s + "|" + s; print(str); }; // 右边是表达式写法 //

  • Nuxt.js安装2022-09-11 14:30:29

    下载 npx create-nuxt-app <项目名> 选项 Project name: (demo2)//项目名 Programming language: (Use arrow keys)//语言 > JavaScript TypeScript Package manager: (Use arrow keys)//包管理器 > Yarn Npm UI framework: (Use arrow keys)//UI框架 > None Ant Desi

  • Pytorch torch.nn.functional.softmax: What dimension to use?2022-09-10 21:34:21

    torch.nn.functional.softmax https://pytorch.org/docs/stable/generated/torch.nn.functional.softmax.html?highlight=softmax#torch.nn.functional.softmax https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49036993/pytorch-softmax-what-dimension-to-use Pytorch softmax: What d

  • ImportError: Missing optional dependency 'tables'. Use pip or conda to install tables.2022-09-10 11:04:25

    解决to_hdf() 报错ImportError: Missing optional dependency ‘tables‘. Use pip or conda to install tables.   解决方法 conda install pytables 1 或是: pip install tables

  • mongo 创建库和用户2022-09-10 03:00:08

    mongo 默认超级管理员数据库为 admin,创建默认超级管理员须记住超管用户和密码,如忘记超管密码可自行搜索解决方案。 以下为创建数据库和用户方法: 1、登录 mongo 命令:mongo 2、切换到 admin 数据库:use admin 3、使用超管授权登录:db.auth("root", "123456") 4、创建

  • wenet在arm64开发板rk3588编译踩坑记录2022-09-08 20:00:48

    第一步:手动编译pytorch wenet用的是libtorch1.10.0,这里需要下载pytorch1.10.0进行编译。 git clone -b v1.10.0 https://github.com/pytorch/pytorch.git pip install typing-extensions    如果编译时报错缺少这个包,需要提前安装 export USE_CUDA=False     不编译CUDA

  • Cannot use non-english characters correctly in your source code, which triggers elusive bugs when ca2022-09-07 04:00:08

    This problem can cause the following elusive bugs by AUTOMATIC ENCODING CONVERSION without any warnings or errors: Cannot read or write strings of the type WCHAR , LPCWSTR... correctly; can not declare any non-English wchar_t with the format of L"おか

  • how to use vanilla js iterate the Symbol Object All In One2022-09-02 03:00:38

    how to use vanilla js iterate the Symbol Object All In One bug ❌ Uncaught TypeError: UIComponents is not iterable import * as UIComponents from './index' console.log(`UIComponents =`, UIComponents); // UIComponents = Module {Symbol(Symbol.to

  • 9. SQL--use:选择数据库2022-08-30 10:01:52

    1. 前言 如果您的系统中有多个数据库,那么在开始操作之前,您需要先选择一个数据库。 sql use 语句用来选择一个已经存在的数据库。 2. 语法 use 语句的基本语法如下: use databasename; databasename 表示要选择的数据库名称,它必须是存在的。 3. 示例 首先使用 show databases 语句

  • Leveldb Compile and Use2022-08-27 12:04:17

    先clone下来 git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/google/leveldb.git 再Build mkdir -p build && cd build cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release .. && cmake --build . && cd .. && sudo cp build/libleveldb.a /usr/local/lib

  • [Javascript] Module Pattern2022-08-26 15:33:18

    Module pattern provide a way to have both public and private pieces with the export keyword. This protects values from leaking into the global scope or ending up in a naming collision. secretis a private variable inside Math.js which is not accessible ou

  • python中常见的几个函数2022-08-26 00:00:36

    function use len() 用来求元组利润表或者字符串等的长度 str() 将数据转化成字符串类型

  • vue集成elementUI2022-08-25 14:04:48

    vue集成elementUI 1.使用npm 安装element ui 模块: 指令:npm/cnpm install element-ui –S 2.安装按需引入的插件: 指令:npm install babel-plugin-component -D 3.设置.babelrc文件 { "presets": [ ["env", { "modules": false, "targets"

  • IDEA Version Control 窗口 local changes显示2022-08-23 08:00:22

    IDEA 2022以前窗口底部是有个Version Control的窗口的(如下图所示),但是现在没有了   可以进入Settings/Preferences/Version Control/Commit将Use non-modal commit interface取消勾选   Local Changes标签页又回来了~

  • ansible ansible-playbook参数2022-08-22 23:33:30

    ansible ansible-playbook参数 1.1 语法详情 Options: --ask-vault-pass #ask for vault password #加密playbook文件时提示输入密码 -C, --check #don't make any changes; instead, try to predict some of the ch

  • UML建模——用例图(Use Case Diagram)2022-08-22 03:01:59

    UML建模——用例图(Use Case Diagram) 用例图主要用来描述角色以及角色与用例之间的连接关系。说明的是谁要使用系统,以及他们使用该系统可以做些什么。一个用例图包含了多个模型元素,如系统、参与者和用例,并且显示这些元素之间的各种关系,如泛化、关联和依赖。它展示了一个外部用户能

  • vue3黄色警告信息太多 关闭警告提示2022-08-21 13:00:16

    在main.js中加上  app.config.warnHandler = () => null;   const app = createApp(App) for (const [key, component] of Object.entries(ElementPlusIconsVue)) { app.component(key, component) } app.use(store) app.use(router) app.use(ElementPlus) app.config.

  • MathProblem 34 Drug test problem2022-08-15 06:00:08

    10% of the people in a certain population use an illegal drug. A drug test yields the correct result 90% of the time, whether the person uses drugs or not. A random person is forced to take the drug test and the result is positive. What is the probability

  • [UAC]C++判断某进程是否有管理员权限2022-08-13 21:00:30

    本文只发布于:https://www.cnblogs.com/Icys/p/IsAdminProcess.html BOOL IsAdminProcess(UINT PID) { if (PID <= 0) PID = GetCurrentProcessId(); HANDLE hProcess = OpenProcess(PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION, FALSE, PID); if (hProcess == NULL) {//要么没

  • 国密wget的用法指南2022-08-12 14:00:40

    1.wget是什么 ​ wget 是一个GNU开发的从网络上自动下载文件的自由工具,支持通过 HTTP、HTTPS、FTP 三个最常见的 TCP/IP协议 下载,并可以使用 HTTP 代理。“wget”这个名称来源于 “World Wide Web” 与 “get” 的结合。 2.国密wget是什么 ​ wget自身不支持国密SSL协议(TLCP)。国

  • Please remove unnecessary stubbings or use 'lenient' strictness. More info: javadoc for Un2022-08-12 13:00:13

    问题是来自使用Mockito进行单元测试出现的问题 一个方法被调用了,再次调用就会显示是不必要了 如果只是想要单纯的隐藏这个问题,可以使用如下方案 @RunWith(MockitoJUnitRunner.slient.class)   问题的描述还可以说的更多点,就是当mock检查到有不必须的存根时(只定义而没有使用),会

  • batch size 会影响训练的计算效率吗?2022-08-11 19:01:11

    We also use a smaller mini-batch size of 256 without any noticeable performance degradation. This is in contrast to CURL and DrQ that both use a larger batch size of 512 to attain more stable training in the expense of computational efficiency.      

  • iLocalizable用户协议2022-08-11 10:04:41

    In order to use iLocalizable and its services, you should read and abide by the "iLocalizable License Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as (this agreement). A separate agreement for a service, and choose to accept or not. Restrictions, disclai

  • 立即GUI-----SLINT2022-08-06 21:05:41

    SLINT Mission Slint is a toolkit to efficiently develop fluid graphical user interfaces for any display: embedded devices and desktop applications. We support multiple programming languages, such as Rust, C++, and JavaScript. OUR DESIGN GOALS ARE: Strai

  • tensorflow——常见报错(持续更新)2022-08-06 19:00:24

    tensorflow——常见报错 问题一: 描述:UnicodeDecodeError: 'gbk' codec can't decode byte 0x93 in position 5456: illegal multibyte sequence 图片描述: 解决方法:将open(file) :改成 open(file, ‘r’, encoding=‘utf-8’)  问题二: 描述:WARNING:tensorflow:Layer gru_3 will no


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