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  • Kotlin各种稀奇古怪的类2022-09-16 17:30:16

    从上面的图片可以看出,kotlin可以生成的类比java多了很多。 Class 和java中的class一样,用来定义一个类, package com.sky.whitebear.Util.EventBus /** * EventBus数据类 */ class EventMessage constructor(var what : Int) { lateinit var map : HashMap<String, Any>;

  • What is a M3U file?2022-09-13 13:30:33

    What's on this Page What is a M3U file? M3U File Format Extended M3U HLS M3U M3U Example References   What is a M3U file? M3U (MP3 URL) is an audio playlist file stored with the .m3u extension. M3U is not an actual audio file, it just points

  • blog 1 Objects, state, behavior in real-world2022-09-11 16:04:13

    What is an Object? 什么是对象? 对象共有两个特征:它们都有状态和行为。狗有状态(名字、颜色、品种、饥饿)和行为(吠叫、抓东西、摇尾巴)。 自行车也有状态(当前档位、当前踏板节奏、当前速度)和行为(换档、改变踏板节奏、应用刹车)。 What is a Class? 什么是类? 在您的应用程序中,您经常会

  • 归程 | 学习《最优解的特征,一种在问题中发现观察的技术》博客2022-09-11 00:03:53

    前言 回到弃用许久的博客,第一件事情当然是浏览并删除黑历史啦。打算不再使用洛谷博客,感觉 2020 年 4 月左右本人就社死了,所以博客写这里应该还可以。感觉 OI 也许做不出什么成绩了,还剩两年,就允许我给这个美好的圈子留下一些痕迹吧。 介绍 原文传送门 最优性问题是算法竞赛中涉猎极

  • Pytorch torch.nn.functional.softmax: What dimension to use?2022-09-10 21:34:21

    torch.nn.functional.softmax https://pytorch.org/docs/stable/generated/torch.nn.functional.softmax.html?highlight=softmax#torch.nn.functional.softmax https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49036993/pytorch-softmax-what-dimension-to-use Pytorch softmax: What d

  • 5W2H分析法2022-09-07 16:01:23

    5W2H分析法 目录5W2H分析法WHATWHYWHOWHENWHEREHOWHOW MUCH WHAT 要做的事情是什么 WHY 为什么要做 WHO 做事情的主体(人,团队等) WHEN 什么时间 WHERE 什么地点 HOW 怎么做 HOW MUCH 做这件事情的成本

  • 28.感叹句2022-09-02 16:31:53

    WH问句1,疑问词(wh...及how)为首的疑问句,疑问词位于句首,不回答Yes/No ①疑问代名词:what, who, which, whose,作主词、受词、补语 ②疑问副词:when, where, why, how ③疑问形容词:what, whose, which(+名词) 2,疑问代名词的用法:当主语 *句型:疑问词+动词...? Who is cooking in the kitch

  • 大话测试数据(二):概念测试数据的获取2022-09-01 15:32:50

    ⬇️ 点击“下方链接”,提升测试核心竞争力! >>更多技术文章分享和免费资料领取 在大话测试数据(一)文章中,我提到,获取数据的第一步是获取概念上数据。这一步看起来简单,其实不是那么容易。获取概念数据和获取需求的过程是交织在一起的,事实上,它们其实是一个事儿,因为数据是需求中最重要的组

  • con·ve·ni·ent2022-08-22 08:00:08

    late 14c., "fit, suitable, proper; affording accommodation; opportune, favorable," from Latin convenientem, present participle [现在分词] of convenire "to come together, meet together, assemble; unite, join, combine; agree with, accord; be suit

  • Common English speaking 1000 sentences(1-100)-012022-08-21 17:32:23

    common spoken english one thousand phrases. ==> Common English speaking 1000 sentences I see. I quit! Let go! Me too. My god! No way! Come on. Hold on. I agree. Not bad. Not yet. See you. Shut up. So long. Why not? Allow me. Be quiet. Cheer up! good jo

  • Common language of English Courses-001-202208212022-08-21 14:30:57

    Common language of English courses 您在EF中心学习英语多久了? how long have your been learn english in ef center. how long have your been learning english at ef center. ==> How long have you been studying English at the EF Center? 这堂课只有一个学生吗? It onl

  • MathProblem 38 Meeting at a restaurant problem2022-08-17 05:30:28

    Two people arrive in a restaurant independently. Each arrives a random time between 5pm and 6pm, distributed uniformaly (no moment in this range is any more likely for arrival than another). What is the probability they arrived within 10 minutes of each o

  • TSDoc2022-08-16 12:03:59

    https://tsdoc.org/ What is TSDoc? TSDoc is a proposal to standardize the doc comments used in TypeScript code, so that different tools can extract content without getting confused by each other’s markup ts 中文档注释的标准,提供给不同的工具提取文档 We are

  • 40.感叹句2022-08-15 22:32:50

    英语中带有前置定语的感叹性名词短语也属于感叹句的一种,常用来表示赞成或不赞成。如: Good idea!好主意!Poor thing!可怜的东西! 感叹句是用来表示喜、怒、哀、乐等感情的句子。感叹句有多种表现形式,有时一个单词或短语也可成为感叹句,但主要的表现形式有两种,即what和how引出的感叹句

  • ansible what are the differences between version 2, 3, and 42022-07-28 13:33:07

    ansible 从2.9 开始 版本规划有了变化, 找了一篇文章解释了这个原因,记录一下 Ansible - what are the differences between version 2, 3, and 4? - Stack Overflow   Previously I used ansible 2.x and now the latest ansible version is 4.x. Having read Ansible Roadmap 

  • 英语语法-代词2022-07-17 11:03:28

    词性之一代词 代词是代替名词、动词、形容词、数量词的词,可以分为:人称代词、物主代词、指示代词、反身代词、疑问代词、不定代词、关系代词、相互代词、连接代词。 一、代替名词、动词、形容词、数量词、副词的词,包括: 人称代词,如“我、你、他、我们、咱们、自己、人家”, 疑问

  • CGOLD2022-07-17 10:03:51

    1.Overview 1.1 What CMake can do CMake是一个meta构建系统。 1.1.1 Cross-platform development 它们的常用工具: Visual Studio/msbuild XCode/xcodebuild Makefile/make 1.1.2 VCS friendly 版本控制软件友好的。 1.1.3 Experimenting 如果你想和Makefile工作,以及想使用Ninja

  • 英语口语 | 升级计划2022-07-15 15:37:02

      英语真的不太行,阅读和写作没问题,听力和口语则严重拉胯。   表现在科研presentation上,则是汇报讲述时,水平一流;一旦被提问,则变成哑巴;最糟糕的,一旦聊起生活,更像个弱智,最简单的日常用语都不会表达。   我最终的目的: 日常能与人顺利交谈; 能做到接近完美的学术汇报;   日常问候

  • What is a database transaction?2022-07-13 15:33:38

      A transaction is a way of representing a state change. Transactions ideally have four properties, commonly known as ACID: Atomic (if the change is committed, it happens in one fell swoop; you can never see "half a change") Consistent (the

  • What does SynchronizationContext do?2022-07-11 11:34:40

    What does SynchronizationContext do? 问题 In the book Programming C#, it has some sample code about SynchronizationContext: SynchronizationContext originalContext = SynchronizationContext.Current; ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(delegate { string text = F

  • What is the use for Task.FromResult<TResult> in C#2022-07-05 14:00:54

    What is the use for Task.FromResult<TResult> in C# 问题 In C# and TPL (Task Parallel Library), the Task class represents an ongoing work that produces a value of type T. I'd like to know what is the need for the Task.FromResult method ? That is:

  • Ted2022-07-04 12:31:58

    Tips to improve your critical thinking  Every day, a sea of decisions stretches before us. Some are small and unimportant, but others have a larger impact on our lives. For example, which politician should I vote for? Should I try the latest diet craze? O

  • What the async keyword actually does2022-07-04 10:05:08

    What the async keyword actually does When it comes to curiousity about inner workings of C# keywords or construct, async and await are at the top of my list by a mile. The amount of complicated intrinsics packed into two simple keywords which magically im

  • POST2022-06-26 12:05:21

    web——POST 昨天做了GET,里面整理了get和post的区别(传送门) 启动场景 $what=$_POST['what'];#post传参给what echo $what; if($what=='flag')#如果what=flag echo 'flag{****}';#输出flag 用hackerbar进行post传参 步骤如下 载入url 选择post data 输入post数据(what=flag

  • GET2022-06-25 23:31:51

    web——GET 开启场景 $what=$_GET['what'];#使用get传参给what echo $what; if($what=='flag')#如果传入的what=flag echo 'flag{****}';#则输出flag 所以使用get传参,把flag传给what,拿到flag get请求和post请求的区别 1. get是向服务器发索取数据的一种请求,post是向服务器


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