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Swirles(漩涡) Court(阁) Maintenance Requests

2021-11-04 09:59:48  阅读:79  来源: 互联网

标签:Swirles Court area Please your college enter problem Requests


You will be required to enter your Raven password to use the system.

Please then:

Select Requests and Report a problem
Select the area in College you are reporting – enter some search criteria or click find for the full list (– you may see a list of jobs already reported in the area to avoid duplication)….continue.
Please enter your contact details in the additional information box.
Use the drop down menus to identify the problem, first by problem type then a more detailed description. Further details can be added in the free text box.
Submitting a request will lead to staff accessing the area as soon as they can during their working day – if you wish to make a specific arrangement click on change permission and enter further information.

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