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conda install Scrapy或者conda install -c conda-forge scrapy安装的版本可能不是最新的:

C:\Users\m>conda search scrapy
Loading channels: done
# Name                  Version           Build  Channel
scrapy                   0.16.4          py26_0  pkgs/free
scrapy                   0.16.4          py27_0  pkgs/free
scrapy                   0.24.4          py27_0  pkgs/free
scrapy                    1.0.1          py27_0  pkgs/free
scrapy                    1.0.3          py27_0  pkgs/free
scrapy                    1.1.1          py27_0  pkgs/free
scrapy                    1.1.1          py34_0  pkgs/free
scrapy                    1.1.1          py35_0  pkgs/free
scrapy                    1.1.1          py36_0  pkgs/free
scrapy                    1.3.3          py27_0  pkgs/free
scrapy                    1.3.3          py35_0  pkgs/free
scrapy                    1.3.3          py36_0  pkgs/free
scrapy                    1.4.0  py27h4eaa785_1  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.4.0  py35h054a469_1  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.4.0  py36h764da0a_1  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.5.0          py27_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.5.0          py35_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.5.0          py36_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.5.1          py27_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.5.1          py35_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.5.1          py36_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.5.1          py37_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.5.2          py27_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.5.2          py36_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.5.2          py37_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.6.0          py27_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.6.0          py36_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.6.0          py37_0  pkgs/main
scrapy                    1.6.0          py38_0  pkgs/main


Preparing transaction: done
Verifying transaction: done
Executing transaction: failed
ERROR conda.core.link:_execute(502): An error occurred while installing package 'defaults::automat-0.8.0-py_0'.
CondaError: Cannot link a source that does not exist. D:\Anaconda3\Scripts\conda.exe
Running `conda clean --packages` may resolve your problem.
Attempting to roll back.


C:\Users\m>pip install scrapy


automat 20.2.0 has requirement attrs>=19.2.0, but you'll have attrs 18.1.0 which is incompatible.


C:\Users\m>pip install attrs==19.3

安装成功后再次运行pip install scrapy。

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